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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    That's good to know. I like to plan for forgetting things, I wonder if I can work up a simple relay to break the connection from house power when it detects the generator is running.
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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    I leave mine connected becuase it's not easy to disconnect, no disconnects as mentioned in my other post. I bet I could find the manual to confirm but haven't had a problem and the charger designed to be permanently mounted wherever you're installing.
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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    This particular model doesn't have the quick connects, the Rings are hardwired in. I put them between the nut and the connector shoulder on mine.
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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    NOCO Genius GENM2 8 Amp 2-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger
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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    You might be complicating it too much. Knowing this is only for when you don't have shore power AND your MEP is dead, is a pretty low likely scenario. I suggest you grab 2 sets of cheap jumper cables and keep your extra batteries on a maintenance charger. Then if you don't want to swap...
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    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Got the inverters out, both V3's . One works, one doesn't. started pulling apart the "broken" one., looks like a couple of burnt out resistors. I need to pull the working unit apart so I can get a clear view of the resistor color codes and then replace them. I did find a a few magical MBU...
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    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    I recovered my MKT-85 yesterday. Bit of a kerfluffle with GovPlanet, it was supposed to be in Lakewood WA and it turned out to be 20 miles south of Chehalis WA at the main Ritchie Bros yard for the area. Extra distance: 60 miles each way and add Friday 4 PM traffic through the capital city of...
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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I got my Deuce back on the road for the first time in about a year. I had a main brake line burst last fall and decided to completely overhaul the brake system. All new lines (hard and soft), new wheel cylinders, rebuilt airpacks (it's a split system), replaced the MC, and went through all...
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    New in Shoreline WA

    welcome from the Maltby area, I've got a '88 m35a2c. I may not make it to the XXX drivein with the Deuce, my wife is 38 weeks pregnant right now and does not want arrive at the hospital in "style". I do hope to attend the event at least but we'll see how things pan out.
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    PNW Info Thread!

    I just realized there's either a Deuce or a 5 ton near the Brightwater treament plant on Highway 9 north of Woodinville WA. Anyone know who's it is? I've only got the span of a seconds view when driving past so I can't tell for certain which it is. Best part is that I got my wife enlisted in...
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    Would a M35A2/LDT465 parts manufacturing business be successful?

    I recently worked with a local foundry to get a quote on the dual-master circuit mount. I figured there were a lot of folks that wanted the upgrade so we could do a group buy and pay for the tooling etc. When I finally had a quote for the first run, I got 2 replies with folks that would want...
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    Dual Circuit Brake Engineering Thread

    Just heard back from the Foundry, it's 10K in tooling costs. + the actual casting work. He hasn't given me a quote on casting +machining yet. Before I have him go further, I need to gauge interest. if these cost $400-$500 each to make, would you buy one? That'd be cast, machined, tap'ed...
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    Dual Circuit Brake Engineering Thread

    I'm working through the quote process with a small foundry here in Seattle to make replacements Split Circuit stock master cylinder bracket. Using Peashooter and Clinto's reference files and maybe I'll pull my bracket off my truck for reference as well. I've asked for an quote with an initial...
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    The Centipede aka my new 1988 m35a2c

    Thanks! I was looking at those and trying to figure out how the clips engaged. I didn't want to buy a couple of sensors before I found the right one! That's exactly the plan I was thinking of regarding the warning light. Cheers, Mel
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