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  1. rustystud

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    ...$350.00 . They are not popular anymore because of the lack of an overdrive gear. A good TH4L80E is around $700.00 and just as strong as a AT540 when built right. They actually share the same "forward" and "direct" clutches. Of course it is longer and it would be a pain to find the correct yoke.
  2. rustystud

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    Sorry but your transmission is toast. Any water on the clutch discs will cause "delamination" of material. Since this set for three years there is no way any clutch disc will be good. That includes the torque convertor lock-up clutch too. Also the rust factor on the valves and other hard parts...
  3. rustystud

    6.8 V10 in a deuce?

    That V10 engine develops more power then the Spicer 3053 can handle. You will tear up your transmission and clutch every time you "get on it" . If your determined to use this engine, then use the whole package. Engine, transmission and transfer case. You can always beef-up the transmission and...
  4. rustystud

    A couple of questions for those who have done an engine swap

    ...a beast of a thing. Weighs a ton and the gears are massively over built. Same for the Rockwells (differentials) too. Just don't "shock" them. You know, rev up the engine and drop the clutch sort of thing. Or down shift fast and hard. All that puts shock to the system which is not good for any...
  5. rustystud

    G749 preservation

    ...a 350 V8 in front of it. Then find a good body M135 and put it in it. I even have all the parts stashed away around here. Got the good 1948 Brass clutch plates, and a really rare gear to gear front pump ! Usually they came with the 10 vane style pumps which could break vanes under hard pressure.
  6. rustystud

    Deuce clutch housing expansion plugs.

    If anyone has tried to find replacements for their clutch shaft expansion plugs you know how hard it is to find them cheap. They are half the thickness of a standard 1.5" expansion plug which makes it even more difficult to find let alone cheap. So I bit the bullet and bought some from "Teds...
  7. rustystud

    Deuce clutch replacement

    Heat cracks are quite common on most all diesel engine flywheels. Most can be ground out when the flywheel is resurfaced.
  8. rustystud

    M35A3 won't shift out of first gear in Drive

    This is great advice from cattlerepairman. I would listen to it. I was going to give you the information after you bought the truck. No need to increase the value before you buy it !
  9. rustystud

    1956 M135 2-stroke Detroit Diesel conversion

    Forget the Spicer 3053. Just go with the Allison ! With a six speed overdrive that should really make the Deuce fly down the road !
  10. rustystud

    Milton air chuck and hose.

    ...I'm still working on. I have three spare transmissions, two spare transfer-cases and three differentials. Plus four NOS alternators, two NOS clutch assemblies, four spare drivelines with new 'U'-joints (one NOS), two NOS water pumps and four rebuilt injection pumps. Also two full sets of...
  11. rustystud

    Bought a deuce - the journey begins

    The Deuce was just marking it's territory ! Now that you cleaned it up it will have to remark it's spot ! :D
  12. rustystud

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    ...then. You did it yourself or it didn't happen. Since I was rebuilding Allison's along with TH400's I soon found out the similarities. "You know this clutch plate looks just like that clutch plate ! This pump bushing is the same diameter as that one but it's wider ! " . That was how it happened.
  13. rustystud

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116 parts alone. You will need the 6 pinion planetary's along with the "300M" or better steel mainshafts and drive hubs. Also "Blue Alto" clutches and "Kolene" steels are mandatory. Of course you can rebuild a 4L80E to take 800HP for under $1000.00. I have done it. Used to build transmissions...
  14. rustystud

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    There's lots of little "secrets" transmission rebuilders find out through the years. Since I worked on the larger trucks I had more opportunity's to find out these little gems about the early Allison's and the connections between "GMC" and "Detroit Diesel Allison". Glad this knowledge is finally...
  15. rustystud

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Glad I could help Toby.
  16. rustystud

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    OK Toby. Here are several places I have bought parts from. All sell good quality parts Good quality race parts General good quality kits and parts General good quality kits and parts
  17. rustystud

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    Thanks Toby. I'm still feeling pretty sick from the anti-biotic treatment, but I'm getting better. I hope ! Since I retired I no longer have access to my wholesale suppliers. There are several "performance" venders I still use. I'll send you the information. This is fun ! When I rebuilt the...
  18. rustystud

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    ...a lot of rebuilders (myself included) used to use Allison 540 converters in heavy truck TH400 applications. Now the newer Th4L80E uses a lock-up converter and is physically deeper in width (due to the lock-up clutch) then the TH400. Can it be adapted to fit the Allison 1540 ? Interesting...
  19. rustystud

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    One nice thing you can use is TH400 plates in the Allison Forward and Direct clutches. This way you can benefit from all the racing clutch plates out there including the heavy duty "Kolene" steels. The early trick for racing TH400's was to use the Allison AT540 clutches since they where very...
  20. rustystud


    Actually that is pretty good news ! Sometimes it takes something like this to motivate me into actions that I've been meaning to do for years sometimes ! I've been meaning to remove and rebuild that steering gear, but what a pain in the butt job ! I've been meaning to paint that engine...
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