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Thread: goose neck trailer hookup.

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    Those oscillations happen from improper loading, not having enough weight on the front of the trailer.
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    Dave, welcome to Steel Soldiers. Do a little seaching around. There have been a few folks to figure out how to step that voltage down as you requested. The voltage converter is a viable option but I think others have obtained similar results from different approaches at less expense. Are there any other 12V systems you need to run? Adding a stand alone 12V system might be of benefit as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ichudov View Post
    Those oscillations happen from improper loading, not having enough weight on the front of the trailer.
    The cause of the oscillation for a trailer pivot behind the towing axle and its severity is a very complicated mathematical formula. I performed some of the analysis for a patent application about 20 years ago.

    Factors are:

    • Distance from the towing axle to the pivot point: the smaller the better
    • Distance from pivot point to the trailer’s axle: the longer the better
    • Horizontal springiness of the towing vehicle’s suspension and tires: the stiffer the better
    • Weight distribution of the trailer’s load: the closer the CG is to the axle the better as long as there is adequate tongue weight.

    This is why mobile home towing trucks move the hitch as close to the axle as possible, why gravel trailers towed behind dump trucks have a long tongue and why boat trailers rarely sway.
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    In the case of what U-Haul set my nephew up with, it violated factors one and two big time. Loading the car forward with more tongue weight was the best we could do, but it does not make up for the geometry problem.

    That was the closest I've ever been to a wreck from the oscillation that developed. U-haul should not have rented such a set up...but did. I'll bet the hitch was about 6-7 feet from the axle and it was a short wheel base truck/van (with duels at least). Mobile home haulers are real close, yes.

    Re electrical, isn't a resistor placed in series that is equal to the resistance (of all of the lights) going to give you half of the 24v (12v) going through the trailer lights? These are brake lights I believe, otherwise I would just go from one battery for 12vdc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddmk18 View Post
    This adapter Attachment 459069
    Anybody know where to find one of these? All I'm finding is the type wreckerman posted.
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    With some pics for future ideas
    Attached Images Attached Images
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