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Thread: Texas museum with a running BRDM?

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    Default Texas museum with a running BRDM?

    I've been told there's a museum in Texas with a running BRDM. I asked in the armor forum but no luck. It's about 2-3 hours east of me (fort Worth, TX).

    Anyone have a clue who it is?
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    A friend of mine has a museum in Royce city. There's a gentleman that keeps what I believe is a bdrm at his place. I believe it runs, never seen it running though. Here's the owner of the museums website

    You can contact him and maybe he can give you some info.
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    they had a guy in my home town that had for for a few years. he had it 2wheel drive with a 350 chevy engine in it. i dont know what happened to him. ill have to go find out

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