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Thread: So, what's the one thing you'd change?

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    I'm sure that this has been suggested somewhere already but I'd like to see a more detailed breakdown of the TM Section. What I mean by that is Present Conflict Vehicle TMs can be broken down into HMMWV, HEMTT, HET, FMTV. Just a suggestion.
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    I'm sure suggested before.... I'd like to see that paying members would be able to edit their posts beyond 3 months. Even if I had to pay MORE.

    I use a few of my threads as online documentation, links, part numbers, etc that I often refer to. I hate it when I discover errors, discrepancies, or bad links that I have to petition a moderator to fix (and said fixes aren't always the way you'd want, even when you gave your best description of the change to be made).

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    Image upload sucking less, and maybe image gallery support, so I could upload galleries without taking heat for posting flickr links that might one day rot...
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