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Thread: EFI components for Pinzgauer

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    Default EFI components for Pinzgauer

    For those interested in fuel injecting a Pinzgauer I have put a Manifold and crank sensor kit together for those who wish to use their own choice of computer.
    I posted a few pic's in the photo section in the file marked Goatwerks.
    I have used 2 different EMS computer systems (EMS Stinger 4, and EMS 8860 Sequential injection) on three trucks, and there are 2 others running on Haltech systems.
    I get $1400 +tax and shipping for a manifold kit complete with with cable accellerator kit, crank sensor bracket and tone wheel kit. This system was designed for the DYI guys and can be completed with wrecking yard parts or new parts.
    Instructions are posted on my website at
    The system uses off the shelf components and a parts list is provided in the instructions.
    I can provide running maps for Stinger4 and 8860
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