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Thread: Deuce Crash - Subway drive thru.

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    Seen some other pics today. Truck still looks very repairable. Plus a pic of the first vehicle hit.

    I would be interested to know what all work the seller really did to the truck. If what I have read is correct it was bought from a big name dealer in PA.
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    That'll buff right out, as far as the SUV, a new coat of paint and it'll be all good.
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    This happened across the street from where my son goes to school. He is ten. Kids were all speculating what happened. They thought he was probably drunk. My son, took one look and said, nope, his brakes went out. Ata boy!

    I saw the scene moments later and really can't piece together what officially happened. I may need to hear the latest, but last night the reporting had him going westbound. He would have had to do a sharp u-turn to get into the store that way.
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    I do not see a license tag of any sort on the truck.

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    Jake, glad it wasn't you. When I first saw York, PA in the report, I was hoping it wasn't you.

    Wonder if the locals are going to start looking more carefully at any of the trucks in the area.
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    It wasn't me! I crashed mine once and that was enough!

    Before Rebuild:
    ResizedImage_1324314673992 (1).jpgIMG952363 (1).jpgIMG950820 (1).jpg

    After Rebuild:


    Looking at that gentleman's truck, I could have that fixed in a weekend. Mine took me 3.5 months to rebuild. Thank goodness everybody seems to be ok.

    Thread Here:

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    It scares me to see this kind of an accident. I just hope that we never have a really bad one happen with loss of life that makes politicians want to kill our hobby. If he did infact buy the truck 3 hours earlier and never drove one of these before that could have something to do with it. I would have killed the engine and dumped the clutch into 2nd to try and slow her down a bit. Then again things happen so fast sometimes..
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    Nice looking rig...What a mess..Now the SUV is a crossover...not sure between what and what...Good thing no one was badly hurt....Have to really find out what happen..

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    I do not know what happend and am only speculating and have no information but I am woundering if he bought it 3 hrs before did he have it plated in his name and did he have insurance on it? If not this might bring a lot more Police attention to the rest of us. Eddy
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    A lot more information in this article... Purchased in Philly, even gives the drivers name and his business name...

    The brakes on a privately-owned military vehicle failed as it was westbound on Route 30 in Springettsbury Township on Tuesday, causing it to strike an SUV and a nearby Subway restaurant, police said.
    Two female pedestrians were struck during the crash into the Subway, located at 1701 Whiteford Road, and were taken to an area hospital with moderate injuries, Springettsbury Township Police Sgt. Brian Wilbur said Wednesday.
    The 2 1/2-ton truck, also known as "a deuce and a half" was driven by John Good, 36, of Louisville, Ky., and had just been purchased by Good's company, Spudz Chips, also in Louisville, Wilbur said.
    Good told police that as he was approaching the intersection with Route 30 and North Hills Road, he noticed traffic stopping and applied the truck's brakes.
    "The brakes failed, absolutely," Good said. "We were going to bring it back and use it as a promotional vehicle down the road. It performed nicely for three hours from Philadelphia to York."
    Good began honking his horn to try to warn the motorists who had stopped, but when he saw that they were still unaware of his brake failure, he moved to the right, Wilbur said.
    A Ford Escape stopped in front of him, and Good was unable to avoid the collision, Wilbur said. Good then pulled the truck's steering wheel all the way to the right, turning briefly onto North Hills Road, before entering the parking lot at the Subway, and eventually into the building itself, Wilbur said.

    Good, who was not injured, was cited for operating an unregistered vehicle, Wilbur said.
    "I'm just really concerned for anybody who was injured," Good said. "It's been on my mind since it happened."
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