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Thread: Continental R6602

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReoRider View Post
    Excellent analysis! I'm always concerned when I hear about how valuable an old NOS or distant past rebuilt gas engine is now- one that was test run back in the day and then put away. They all need to come apart and get the bearing check noted above.

    The Continental 6602 is a wonderful motor, one of the times when the military selected an engine that had actually been in heavy duty truck use and it shows. Had a surprising RPM range for its displacement, giving some real advantage to the ability to shift the xfer case in the 5 tons on the move when pulling heavy loads. Biggest upgrade I ever did was to shave .120 off the heads and ended up gaining a full gear on loaded runs up familiar hills.

    We shaved 3/16 off a set of heads, waiting for this winter to do a in frame (I hope) then install the heads, The military 6602 runs almost cold, we covered part of the radiator with some card board, I also converted the ignition to 12v. , the reason is that ANY NOS coil will be so old that it will have deteriorated just sitting on the shelf, AND a standard old fashion Chevy coil is $10. after everything is done the 6602 will get electric ignition and tuned jets., not looking for a race truck, just a good running, power, and not so rich running 6602
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    "" The Continental 6602 is a wonderful motor. Biggest upgrade I ever did was to shave .120 off the heads "

    I would like to consider the shave, for I occasionally do all-day hauls out of quarry pits and over several hilly miles to my place, but am concerned about increased wear on the bearings.

    I have 2-R6602 operational 6x6's plus one spare engine. The first long trip I did in the army was with a '56 IHC M54, about 11 hours straight through. The truck was a "T&P" thus I was carrying 1200gals of extra mogas with me, and yes they are thirsty but that's worth the extra power and speed IMO. We called them "brush burners" for a reason I would soon learn. They started many a tank-trail fire. And mudflap fires, and M127 trailer bed fires. Maybe even burned the hair off the as*es of a few bicyclists, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

    The 6602's could really roll once everything got warmed up. I remember getting up to 58mph with some of them on the level. In fact, my final unit kept two M62's into the 1990's before accepting M816's. Except downhill, those M62's were too heavy to be speed demons like the other 5T gassers , but they still were hard-working brutes.

    I adjusted my personal M51's governor to top out at 62mph. Somewhere I have a Continental Motors manual indicating a slightly higher allowable redline than what the TM says. I won't hold an engine beyond what the TM (and danger decal) says, but the extra "pedal" allows a good run for hills and seems to help get fuel faster and pulls better. Always hated the original holley carb. The vacuum-operated butterflies go full-open with no vacuum (thus they coughed when cold and almost always gave a bang! when starting). And they would open too slow and gradual when coming into a hill. The Holly does not have a direct linkage between butterflies and gas pedal. Plus they run too rich at lower rpms. The Zenith carb that superseded on R6602's is a good thing. But I understand purists who like the holley. I still use one of them even though I have attitude about them.

    Prior to my knowing I would ever own a '53 IHC M62(A2), I sold a fresh Toole R6602 several years ago to a fellow restoring a firetruck in the midwest. Ever since obtaining the M62(A2), I have painfully regretted selling that 6602 engine. I have done everything allowed to tweak the LDS in the M62(A2). It even retains its old "gas" direct-5th tranny, which does help. But even such, that LDS is totally outclassed by a 6602. The R6602 is a real truck engine, tried and true. Just bring along your own gas station!
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