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Thread: Why earthlink and mindspring email accounts aren't allowed

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    Default Why earthlink and mindspring email accounts aren't allowed

    I've had a number of people ask me why their email is banned. Well, their exact email isn't banned, just the mindspring/earthlink domains. Yes, I know this seems drastic, but Earthlink/Mindspring's "filtering" system is very simple/brute in nature. When trying to email you back, often times a autoreply with a link is sent back. From that link you're supposed to fill out this form and submit it. Well, there's a big problem with that, the server can't reply to emails, let alone fill out this form. Also since it would bounce back to the server, I can't actually "answer it's mail". I tried pleading with earthlink/mindspring to have whitelisted, they will not. So instead of getting trapped in this purgatory, I've blacklisted the domains here. Honestly I don't like it, but when a service provider is so unwilling to even hear it out, I'm forced to make a change like that.

    If you've registered with one of these emails, and never gotten the reply, best answer I can give is use a second email account. I'm sorry for any inconvenience earthlink/mindspring has caused.
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