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Thread: MKT without Roof Lifting Jacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by mil alta View Post
    Thanks Guys
    Was looking for just the handle replacement and had talked with Eastern...
    Not a crazy thing to make one, so might be the next step. Also looking for a kitchen exhaust fan system.'s a crazy question. In my MKT-90 equipment are TWO bike pumps in it's inventory.
    Are they used for anything OR was the kitchen crew sports minded when they had time and kept deflating their balls...
    wouldn't mind a copy of the collection of info on the MKT trailers on disk if someone had one
    PM me about MKT info. You will get an address to mail a USB drive to. Upon receipt, I'll load about 3.8 GB of MKT stuff (and related subjects) onto it and send it back in a padded envelope. Just make sure you send the USB drive in a padded envelope and your return address is clear. I already have padded envelopes and will pay the return postage.
    Mike KK4AIF

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    M36A2 Cargo Truck (G4-40)
    2nd M35A2 Cargo Truck (G4-41)
    3rd M35A2 Cargo Truck (G4-43)
    2nd M109A3 Shop Van (G4-42)
    MJQ-18 Trailer (10 KW Power Plant) (G4-T3)
    MKT-85 Trailer as FST (G4-T4)
    MJQ-16 Trailer as Contact Maintenenance Body frame (G4-T5)
    M105 Tan trailer
    MJQ-18 Trailer as a bunk house under construction (G4-T2)
    M-149 Water Buffalo (G4-T6)

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    Hmm that answered that. It has the V3 burners now but they were tucked away so maybe left behind in case they needed it for their game balls. LOL

    Great support from you guys. THANKS

    Bob Brown - Alberta
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    1988 Iltis 183 Wire truck
    2002 MKT-90 Atlantic Industries

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