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Thread: crash pads

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    Default crash pads

    I have been looking for crash pad material for interior side walls. It is a 3/16", black, foam with a durable textured skin. The factory replacement stuff is similar but has a slightly different texture. Material like Volara doesn't have the skin and can be torn with a fingernail. The Cadillac Gage supplier, Areofab, is no longer in business. Suggestions welcomed.

    Also, does anyone know what this bracket is for and where it goes? It is illustrated in the 101927 on page 204 as part# 16. Unfortunately the description list on the next page stops at #15. I was told it holds the Johnson Rod but after an extensive internet search the only thing I learned is that I am gullible. I also have a similar, smaller bracket. It is shorter and looks like one end of the one pictured here.

    Also, I have a small sheet metal bracket that fits under 2 interior periscope bolts. I read somewhere it is for a light. Does anyone have a picture or description of the light?

    Thanks, Jim.
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    What? You couldn't find the Johnson Rod? It's typically installed with two grapple grommets and a left-hand thread straight bit screwdriver. And you call yourself a restorer?

    BTW, no idea on the crash pads. But it makes me want to look at the battery insulation pad on my M151A2. The Canadian Forces Technical Order (CFTO) includes a unit level installed rubber insulation pad - and it might give a specification or description.

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    I really thought that everyone knew what a Johnson Rod is...
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