Wanted the Hive Mind's opinion on this:
I'm starting to take steps to strip all of the old paint off of my M548A1's hull. after much thought, I've desided to use a soda blaster. My only "media blasting" experience was with a sand blast cabinet & it was just a few small items. This project will be my first time using soda and blasting something as big as a small lawn shed.
how much soda (Sodium bicarbinate) should I have on had for blasting my M548A1's stripped hull? Once I get started on this project, I don't want to run out.

Looks like harbour freight sells it in 50lb bags for a little under $40.00 a bag. Eastwood has it for around the same price packaged in a similar size. Northen tool seems to only have it in 20lb buckets for a similar price to the 50lb bags hence my interest in buying it from either H/F or Eastwood.