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Thread: Electronic Governing System for the MEP-805A and MEP-806A Generators.

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    Default Electronic Governing System for the MEP-805A and MEP-806A Generators.

    In the last few weeks, we have had several people asking questions about the Electronic Governor Systems for the MEP-805A and MEP-806A generator sets. I will try and explain to the best of my ability, why there is so much confusion concerning them.

    The military, in its haste, went to two different venders, to meet the demands of fielding the MEP-805A and MEP-806A generators. The two companies who supplied the Electric Governing systems were, LIBBY and TRC. Some gen sets were delivered with the LIBBY system, and some the TRC system. Sadly, the parts ARE NOT COMPATABLE. So if you have a problem with a generator set and its new to you, the first thing you need to do is check the below listed information to insure you have one, or the other system. Not a combination of them. Failure to head this warning can cause damage to your generator set!

    The Components ARE interchangeable between the MEP-805A and MEP-806A. As long as the components are the same, (same part number!!) as the ones removed. Remember, when you remove a part and replace it, the part numbers have to be the same. There are no part numbers on the resisters, but they are easy to differentiate, because of the Ohms rating on them. The ohms ratings are on the listing below. The other parts are marked with part numbers.

    The LIBBY system had problems, so the military went totally to the TRC system. If you find that you have a LIBBY system, and canít get parts for it, then it's best to completely change over the Electronic Governing System. Below, is listed an NSN for a complete kit. It has all the parts needed to change over from LIBBY to TRC. There is no LIBBY kit.

    I hope this helps explain the differences between the two systems and how to recognize them.


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