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Thread: Swapped out Carbs today........ and what a difference`

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    Default Swapped out Carbs today........ and what a difference`

    Been running a Holley 670 CFM truck avenger the last few years on the V100 and it started running a bit rough, etc, had some serious corrosion in the fuel bowls etc, working with holley on this. In the mean time, I did some research on CFM, Carbs, etc and did some calculations based on stock 361 with the aftermarket intake manifold etc, mainly interested in the correct size carb. Based on the various CFM calculators and the max RPM of the engine (when it had the original carb) of 4000 RPM, the calculators were staying that a 350 CFM carb was right on point. I ended up finding a factory new Holley Truck Avenger 470 CFM and mounted it up today, set the idle at 650 and took it out for a test drive. The difference in performance is very noticable. Much stronger low end and mid range and about the same if not better top end as well. The 670 CFM was just too much carb. If anyone is looking to go aftermarket carb on theirs, remember, there is such a thing as too much carb.
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