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Thread: S-250 shelter recovery - how best to haul

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    I've had this on the back burner for a while, but this week found an A/C unit I was hoping to use. I measured the opening inside the shelter and it was 12" wide and 9" tall. Is that smaller than usual? I wonder if they reduced the opening to put a civilian unit in it. The AC I found is bigger than the opening. It was made in 1972 by trane. It runs off 230v 1 phase 60 hz FSN 4120-411-5443 P/N 97403-13216E5920.
    20171216_174815.jpg 20171216_174822.jpg 20171216_174851.jpg

    Is this the same size as the 115v A/C units? I was actually hoping it was one of those but the seller wasn't sure and practically gave it away so I thought I'd give it a chance. This is the sight indicator on the back, I thought normal was green with no bubbles. Does this unit look empty of freon?
    It has a 5 pin plug for power. Weren't most of these A/C units 4 pin?

    Does anyone else have this model A/C? Was it reliable and worth recharging if necessary? I'd like to find the original mounting brackets for the front mounted A/C unit. Does anyone have any leads on them? I wouldn't mind finding the cabinets that mount on sides inside or the racks that went at the front of the shelter either.
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    It’s easier and cheaper in the long run to strip it and do all the electrical exactly like you want.
    Lights, outlets, etc.
    I used a commercial a/c in my S-280 and works great.
    But I wasn’t doing a all military original build either. No clue about your a/c.

    Who knows what it was used for.
    They are and have been used for almost anything.
    Not often you see two exactly alike.

    The S-250 will fit a M101A3 since it’s wider between the wheel wells.
    Others have narrowed the wheel wells on their A2’s with great success.
    Several threads about it.

    Seal every hole you can find.
    Once they leak, they hold water very well.
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    Default Using a uhaul

    To move mine, I rented a $20 uhaul 5x8 utility trailer. It fits the in-the-bed portion of the S-250 with only a few inches (width) to spare. And the side rails on the trailer are too high. I think I need about 7" of support under the S-250 to make it clear the sides, but I wanted to mount my S250 on temporary skids so I could drag it around at my property, so I built one with a pair of 6x6s and some 4x4s across the top. See attached for how it sat in the trailer.
    The only problem with using the trailer is that the chains holding the tailgate on are welded, so you can't drop the tailgate, and there is little clearance between the s250's sides and the points on the tailgate where the chains are welded on. So be sure to pull the s250 out straight and carefully. My skid platform got hung up on this welded chain and I kind of destroyed it. S250 was fine though.

    Now if someone could tell me a cheap way to get an M1101/M1102 from GA to MO, my setup could be complete...
    s250 on trailer - Copy.jpg
    s250 skid - Copy.jpg
    s250 twisted skid - Copy.jpg
    s250 interior 1 - Copy.jpg
    s250 interior 2 - Copy.jpg
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