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And any verbal statements are as binding as the paper they're printed on....
You won't get anything in writing from a IOI, unless he's writing up infractions or a report for you being charged with a crime.

As mentioned earlier the breech ring is what would be the item needing to be serialized and a manufacture (yourself) and the city/state you reside in. It will also need the caliber listed on it. As to the other "prop" gun questions. The ATF defines a Firearm/AOW/DD as having a receiver. You can own all the parts to just about any firearm (title 2) minus whatever has been deemed a receiver. Most prop/dummy guns have a "receiver" that isn't capable of accepting all the parts needed to become a firearm, or has blocking provisions made into it.

One other thing to consider. It takes months for Form 4's to transfer. If you sell it to someone out of state, then you'll need another FFL in that state to accept the transfer. This takes some time alone as well. And it's $200 on top of the $200 the buyer will have to pay in their state.