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Thread: S&S M1078 registration in Europe

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    I have been giving it thoughts.

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    Dr sr.
    At least the uk way is discarded, about t'he brexit and also the registration laws that maybe not the same t'han in other country un europe, i find other guy in the forun hace a company a-motiv and he can help me he told, all the registration in NL and after the export license to my country Because i don't have any license plate and the People of the auction that i bought it told me that the truck never runs on the street all time in military basecamp and when they buy it from the Army i think buy it like scrap because i think its better for them to bring it Here and after sell it and Who buys it, may life be sought.
    Abut this thing of the license plate is difcult no...... Imposible to do it directly in spain, Only if it comes from other country in europe and ITV (RDW) in spain told bé is better from NL, or deustcheland with temporally export license plates. Very dificult road, i'm finding a lot of rocks but.... I hope Will arrive at the end and legalize it weel like camper.

    Great news for me.... Really great believe me 😅
    If I were Dutch I would get cheaper maybe because i can do the burocracy by myself but i think going from Spain is dificult or like imposible and i'm very happi to contact with berend (a-motiv) very good person and he is givinflg me lot of hope.

    Thank you for your help
    Best regards

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