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Dunno. I suspect the original transfer case can handle the load. It is four big gears sloshing around in a wet sump box. That alone has are some fundamental mechanical advantages. If it breaks, well yeah, you are on your own. But if so, I suspect a careful machinist will be able to replicate those gears.

That said .... we are only temporary caretakers of these precious artifacts. Yes you bought it and own it. But they're not making any more, and we are in this hobby to protect and preserve them. If you want to make a hot rod, the junk yard is full of candidates.
I am only aware of one person that is remanufacturing a v100 transfer case and he is on his third set of gears trying to get the proper backlash...the first set was too tight, the second was too loose but the proverbial third bowl of porridge seems to be juuuuust right. Fortunately for everyone else the transfer case isn't the weak link in the drivetrain, being of a sturdy design as you pointed out, but that hasn't kept me from hoarding a few incase I ever destroy one.