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Thread: MVPA Convention (2018) - Louisville, KY

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    I do think that National, particularly David Doyle, have done a lot recently to include the "later" M-series vehicles in the MVPA, but it may be too late. An entrenched reputation is hard to shake.

    Judging by the daily participation on SS, I'd say the interest is still here with the vehicles.
    From the reactions and feedback at events we do, I'd say the younger generation definitely has the interest.
    What most ask, and I don't really have an answer for them, is "What is the benefit of joining MVPA?" Political clout is no longer a valid argument, I doubt that any politician would find 5000 people spread across the country anything to be concerned about.

    Price may have a lot to do with the current situation. GP's pricing policies brought my auction purchases, which used to be frequent, to a screeching halt (which may not be bad thing for me!).
    Likewise, when I look at a lot of the for-sale ads these days, here and elsewhere, I have to wonder just how much of Saddam's gold got hidden in MVs and their accessories! I have to wonder what the difference is between the 12' NOS inter-vehicular cable I bought at the convention for $25, and the ones I see for sale in other individuals' ads?
    I suppose my main point here is that most of the younger folk may not be fiscally able to get into what used to be a reasonably affordable hobby.


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    Quote Originally Posted by papabear View Post
    I think you and mkcoen have hit the nail squarely on the head!! Also (unfortunately) the VFWs, (at least here) are suffering the same fate. The WWII folks didn't want to accept the Vietnam Vets because that wasn't a "real war" and now the same with the present war Veterans.
    The VFW I volunteer at in Beaumont, CA is mostly Vietnam veterans... they're in charge now!
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