Sounds like you would be using yours much like I'm using mine (quick attach, ditches, running hydraulic tools, etc.), except for the 3-point.

The military videos show much of what you seem to be interested in, and I think all of it has been discussed in the SEE, HMMH and HME owners thread at least once. And often with photos, tips and tricks as a bonus.
Looking at the illustrations in the TMs on this site should also give you a very good idea about SEEs, how the loader and backhoe attaches, etc.

If you still want to learn more, especially about a 3-point, there's another huge chunk of reading to be had on Benzworld.

Is the SEE ideal for what I'm doing? No. And it probably wouldn't be for you, either, but they do have an awful lot of usefulness in a small package.
And I think they're a heck of a lot more fun than the proper machines for the job.