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Thread: Thanks Simp5782 - Wes Simpson

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    Default Thanks Simp5782 - Wes Simpson

    Hey guys this is just a little shout out for Wes Simpson (simp5782) I purchased a Tucker Sno Cat from another member on the east coast and contracted Wes to haul it to ND for me. He did a great job on maintaining good communication with me through out the deal and he got my vehicle delivered to ND in great shape and then even helped me get it started since it was about -5 degrees. The next time I have something that need to be hauled I will most certainly be calling Wes again, he did a great job for me!

    Karl Kostman
    Fargo ND
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    Wes is a great guy to deal with,He gets the job done when he says he will....
    John Appel, Jr.
    Military vehicles for sale @

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    Thanks. Left johns about 10am saturday morning. Did a drop off at 2pm in Hagerstown, MD and i dropped off in Fargo at 1pm Monday afternoon. Not bad time fighting a 10mph headwind from ohio to Minneapolis.

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    901-318-8353 for Help in and or around the Memphis area or transporting in the southeast. Text me first before calling.

    Tires (HMMWV, 395s, 1600s) and Transportation Vendor


    Videos at

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    Wes is a one man show that can move any reasonable load where you need it. He did a great job getting my M-1082 from Ft Bragg home to me here in Gainesville, Florida. Just another good shout out to a man who deserves it. Happy customers are the best advertisement.
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    Wes is a good guy. I sometimes store stuff that people purchased from Albany, Ga and he picks it up in a timely manner. FloridaAKM's trailer was an abnormality, Wes dropped it off in my front yard and went to haul some more pressing freight. During that time, I towed it around with my 5 ton as if it were my own. He told me that one of the tires leaks but they always looked fine. I only unhooked from it when I went to the GA Rally last year as Alan wasn't coming. When Wes came to pick it up, I was almost sad but Lee was glad it was going away. I backed it on to the M322 trailer, helped Wes get it chained down safely and parked my truck. We then went for a short ride around the block so he could show off his 16 speed Cat 7155 transmission upgrade.
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    Gone but not forgotten....
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    Wes is a great guy, he works little too hard, so I give him my respects for that...
    God is a love that is closer to a person than his own life,but it takes whole life time to find him.

    Back in days my questions had multiple answers, ideas, directions and opinions.
    Now my questions has only one answer... Google it...

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    Wes is one great guy! Not only does he go out of his way to help haul our machines around but he has all kinds of good information he is willing to share along the way. Not to mention that he has great deals on tires as well!

    Thank you so much Wes!


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    Default Wes Simpson

    Wes is one of the top resources on this site. He is always ready to help with information and good deeds. Just bought six new 16:00's from him and he got them to me quickly. Very nice looking tires and fairly priced. Wes gets a 5 star rating from me. Thank you Wes for all you do!
    M925A2 ROPS, MEP-803A, M105A

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    Applause & Salute !

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    Hi , I am a new member to the Forum, from New Zealand, although been in the MV scene for 30 years. We are running a couple of M818's and a M816 , all have electrical PCB problems
    so have ordered some from Wes, who refurbishes them , so I will report back when we get our trucks wired up with them. Looking at hauling 38 tonnes Gross all up in a few weeks., Hope the "Old Girl" can cope with it, Cheers Andrew.

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