Today i worked on getting the alternator to charge. Figured that the polarity relay was the culprit.
20180513 Mogli alternator removed.jpg
Kind of a pain to work around EMP / EMI filters behind the alternator.
That was only taking of , putting it back on is going to be more complicated.
Then i found that the alternator bracket was broken where it was previously welded.
20180513 Mogli alternator bracket .jpg 20180513 Mogli alternator bracket with EMI.jpg 20180514 Mogli alternator bracket failed weld repair.jpg

Removed the battery polarity protection relay and also the EMI filters to get a little more space in the future.

The bracket was Migged on one side ,penetration about 25%. Now that i have it off, I will TIG it from both sides and maybe add a brace.
Did not test the alternator yet.

Found a deteriorated rubber / braided hose that runs to the little black square container behind the alternator. It has a little dipstick . Did not look yet what that is about.

If their is anything wrong with posting images this way please let me know. Not sure if attachment are better the insertion in the thread. If this is better of in the Unimog section then maybe it can be moved to the appropriate section.

Later J