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Thread: M101A2 Torsion Flex axle.

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    Default M101A2 Torsion Flex axle.

    Not sure if this is a correct thread to use...apologize as I am new. I couldn't find anything re this issue.
    Recently purchased a used M101A2. Sadly 4 of the leaf springs, surge actuator, tongue stand, brakes etc missing and I am looking for a complete suspension upgrade. I do have the tarp which I would like to possibly sell.

    Has anyone one upgraded to torsion axles on an M101?

    I want to keep the trailer at about 24" at the tongue.

    What specs have you found useful? So far I have the hub face at 63 inches and the edge of chassis at 45.25 inches. I am looking at the complete axle as I want the lateral rigidity.

    Thanks and I have to say. This forum is really great as I have not seen a single snarky comment yet!

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    I know this is an old thread but at least the question will be somewhat answered.

    All of the missing parts are still available commercially.
    Croft Trailer has the factory surge brake parts.
    Dexter and Redline will have the axle parts and springs, brake shoes, etc.

    Dexter will build you a torsion axle if your good at Correctly taking all the measurements needed for a custom axle.

    As far as any specs go, I haven’t a clue since I like mine all stock.
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