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Thread: Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2018 - June VOTE HERE!

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    Default Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2018 - June VOTE HERE!

    Please vote for MV of the month! Feel free to campaign in this thread, but please keep it here and not via PM.

    1. BenRoberts

    2. Mrmag1

    3. bigmike

    4. jeffhuey1n

    5. Tracer

    6. SgtMajHarper

    7. suzukovich

    8. Tinwoodsman
    1992 M1038
    1969 M35A2 wo/w, hoist in bed, heater, Ooga horn, Recentered HEMTTs and 395's, "Candy Smasher"
    1968 M543A2 Wrecker - You know, for heavy lifting...
    1984 M931 - SEMTT project
    198? M270 trailer TBD...
    1985 M1008 - SMOKEY 8" lift, 37" humvee 24 bolt wheels/tires, turbocharged.
    And a few M105 and M101 and other trailers

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    I found my 1942 GPW on a ranch outside of San Antonio and wanted to restore it in honor of my father who was a B-17 bombardier in the 8th Air Force, 482nd Bomb Group, 813th Bomb Squadron. I started the frame off restoration on August of 2014 and completed it on August of 2016. Here are some photos of the original vehicle.

    1942 GPW.jpgGPW Tub.jpgChassis-1.jpgSummer-Top-Front.jpg

    My complete build thread is located at

    Thanks for you considering my vehicle.
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    "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"

    1942 GPW
    1942 Ben Hur Trailer

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    #4. We sponsor Toys For Tots.

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    That's what it looked like when it was picked up. Cloned it after my Humvee when I was stationed at Ft Hood in the mid 90s. Currently the West Region Coordinator for the First Florida Chapter of the MVPA and is my daily driver.

    m998 24 aug.jpg

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    Some additional photos of Toys For Tots. In addition to the obvious Christmas lights, I put together a home made sound system. The lights are LED and are powered from a 750 watt inverter. I found a brand new, still in the packaging, 12 volt AM/FM cassette car stereo at a yard sale for $5.00. Also found a large set of automotive shelf speakers from another sale. The speakers were mounted in the cargo bed on a electronics shelving unit of unknown origin. I mounted the inverter and radio to a SINCGARS radio mount and bolted it under the passenger seat in the holes previously placed there by Uncle Sam. After thorough testing, using a large amount of cassettes from various yard sales, it successfully made all the 2018 events without any major glitches. I’ll post additional photos of the radio install very soon. Grand total of all the modifications was well under $100.00. The most expensive part was the inverter, which was provided by the local Toys For Tots coordinator.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    3 each M35A2's 2 WO/W, 1 W/W:
    1972 M35A2 WO/W “Toys For Tots”, aka “Armadillo”
    1972 M35A2 WO/W “Tribute to Lt Col Ken Bourland”, aka “Warthog”
    1970 M35A2 W/W “War Wagon”, Vietnam War Gun Truck Tribute
    1 each M59 gasser dump truck
    2 each M211's 1 W/W, 1WO/W
    1 each M52A2 tractor
    1 each M1009
    1 each M37, with Dodge poly 318, hydraulic clutch
    1 each G506 Fire truck “Sparky”

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    Voted, best of luck to you all.

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    She is a 1971 M35A2 that is still coming back to life, I do not expect to win however it’s fun to get her out there.
    1971 M35A2C " Marauder"

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    Once again we have some excellent candidates. A quick decision would not do any of these fine entries justice.

    I would really like to see some SERIOUS CAMPAIGNING before I cast my ballot. You know.... REAL and MEANINGFUL campaigning! Not talking idle promises and rhetoric, nor colorful pin-back buttons, bunting, and catchy slogans.

    How about photos, the back story behind your MV's history, reincarnation (rebuild and restoration), the provenance that might sway the hearts and minds of the voters here and stir some pride and appreciation and PATRIOTISM!!!

    Let's see some serious GO-GETTERS on this campaign trail this month!!!

    Please, CONVINCE us that you'll deliver if we elect you!

    LOL - I kinda sound like a politician, don't I? LOL

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    Well I might as well lay it all out for my M35A2 (as I have zero votes so far):

    -She was made in 1971, found that out from the data plate by decoding it with help from the threads right here on SS.

    -Made by General Products Division of the Jeep Corporation (on the data plate) after they stopped being Jeep-Kaiser and before they were just plain rolled into AM General in March of 71 (so my truck was made in the first three month of the year).

    -She has 0539 in the ID number so she is LOT 5 and 39 makes her a with winch truck but mine has been removed. Also I have a C type bed but mine was not made originally as a C type as it is a 39 model.

    -When I first bought her she was an old brush fire truck in TX.
    -I have not been able to track down her history with the military yet, but I am trying every system I can find.
    -Lastly the part that will win me no votes what so ever………. I am having her rebuilt for me while I am deployed, no I am not doing my own work and yes I feel bad about it but I do what I have to because I have wanted this truck for the better part of 15 years and I finally pulled the trigger at a inconvenient time.
    1971 M35A2C " Marauder"

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    Mem. Day parade 2018 (1).jpgMem. Day parade 2018.jpg

    Here's the back story on my 1967 M715 truck and 1960 M101 trailer. I found it while cruising the internet looking for a "cool old military truck" to bring back to life. I have the time being mostly retired and certainly need "something to do" sometimes. I was mostly looking at M37 type trucks when I stumbled across this old war dog in the same yard as an M37. There are plenty of M37's around, lots of parts; but something kept me coming back to look at this Kaiser Jeep M715 truck. She was tired, the weather had been wearing on her for many years parked out in the open at the base of Wolf Creek pass in the south west of the Colorado Rocky mountains. The good part was that she was mostly intact, a few dents and dings, no rust and no one turned it into a fire truck nor a forest service truck like so many others. I started cruising this fine site for knowledge and guidance from other owners and another one dedicated just to this truck and I became hooked that I didn't just want this truck..."it need me".

    It hadn't run in at least 6 or so years that the guy had it so the first hurdle was getting it running. I'm not much of a mechanic but I know some and with time, lots of parts the engine came back to life and eventually all the leaks were found and plugged with new gaskets, seals, fluid levels, brakes, etc. The engine being original and working well after being 50 years old was the clencher for me to bring it back to as original as possible service, not gonna daily driver or rock crawler it. Then began the make it work safely stage; more parts, wiring, canvas, road trips, sand blasted, repainted official issue USMC green… all know that story already! Somewhere along the way a bumble bee got in my brain and the words "M101 trailer" kept bumping around...found one; original also, just old and tired. The guy needed to get rid of it as the garage storing his M37 burned down taking the truck with it. He wasn't going to sell to anyone that wanted to "change it" or make a camper, it was a restoration only...."it need me". (again), After @ 2 1/2 years it was nearing completion and I vowed it would not sit out in the weather when all fixed up and repainted, so a new garage was built. (The wife was really rolling her eyes by now).

    Fall of 2017 arrives and I'm nearly out of things to tinker with on it anymore. People wanted to see it that knew I had been talking up this truck as pretty much the only thing I did anymore. Our area has lots of active duty, retired military and vets. I figured some would like to see it (maybe), and what better way than the local Veterans Day parade? I'm just one guy with a truck and trailer, but I would like to attend....I contacted the parade organizer and he said I should contact a local group of guys that collect MV's and see if I could link up with them. That's when I met with the Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado group. They opened their arms to my truck and said we could join them in the parade even without being a member and that they took on other Vet's not affiliated with organizations and haul them in their trucks on the parade route and go to other events .....exactly what I was after.....I needed them said I. So.... I had to fix a few things right up to the night before the parade to be perfect. The maiden public trip all decked out was for the parade where we hauled a bunch of WWII vets in the back. I was the youngest of the group (first in a long time). The 88 year old guy was giving crap to the 84 year old guy about something and the 91 year old guy had them both beat. I was glad I fixed the seat racks as they couldn't stand or walk well and didn't want to dump anyone and break a hip or ten. The parade gets going and we're off to the races in 2nd gear at an idle. I keep watching the road and my A-driver (spousal unit) keeps checking on the PAX. She tells me they are all standing up, hanging over the side waving at people and shaking hands, accepting flowers and small flags and having a great time. It was a good day.

    Me. Day parade 2018 (2).jpg

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