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Thread: WMO in CUCV

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    The ONE thing NOBODY tells is HOW TO GET THE ACID OUT OF THE BLEND, even after a long fast spin, the acid is still there, being that everything but the multi is NOT A THROW AWAY ENGINE, there is no way someone can say the acid is not hurting things, more clearances, in the ip/injectors, valves, ect. REMEMBER there is a REASON the multi is a throw away.
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    I haven't had too much experience with negative acid effects....heard folks talk about it but never seen anything untoward first hand. My thought is that if the bottom of the pistons and crank bearings can withstand it, the fuel system oughta be able to as well, especially after it's been cleaned. After 20-25k and pulling my injectors, I didn't see anything alarming such as accelerated wear, coking, etc.

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