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Thread: What Used to Be on my Hood?

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    So...if I'm reading that TB correctly, these number plate positions have all been incorrect. For one, it would technically need to be on the "fender" portion of the hood instead of near center, plus it also needs to be displayed upright. But in being upright, it would be in the view of the driver, so it would be wrong. On the grill, it would significantly obstruct airflow, so also wrong. This would normally leave you with the brush guard as the final option, but not all HMMWVs are equipped with this, plus the only right-hand placement would block a light, airflow, or a unit marking. There's really no correct place for this thing to be per military standards on a HMMWV. I guess that's why it ends up "somewhere on the right-side of the hood" so vaguely, and flat instead of upright.
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    Makes sense to me. Also makes sense as to why you normally see them on the brush guards.
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    Just for Gits and Shiggles, I wanna point out that the new 20'th anniversary logo for Steel Soldiers has a bridgeplate as the centerpiece.
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