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Thread: Steel Soldiers 20th Anniversary Logo Contest!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99nouns View Post
    I dont know would Tatra and Mog be like a deuce and 5ton?
    The Unimogs are all-wheel drive multi-purpose do-all -go-everywhere vehicles, ranging from small tractor-like to big. Most have a relative high ground clearing. Whatever the role it is used for, regular over the road cargo is not one of them. Tatra are best known for their very sturdy cargo role. So the Tatra more or less has Deuce and 5-ton versions, the Unimog has not.

    EDIT: Tatra also made the famous KOLOS, the 8x8 heavy truck version with a curb weight of 30k lbs which could pull tank trailers up to 100 ton!

    I think there are 3 Tatra 8x8 (T813 and the later T815) MV owners on SteelSoldiers; one in USA, one in Canada, one in the Netherlands.
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    I personally like the version from article 19 and article 56 best.
    Simply neutral without a vehicle or tire track.
    Maybe you can combine that.
    So that the stars and the bridge plate is there somehow and also the Lorbeerkranz (the laurel wreath (the leaves), I do not know if that is translated correctly). The bridge plate usually has every military vehicle, so everyone would be served with it. Regardless of which vehicle that is. Whether sea and air vehicles now have a bridge plate, I do not know. But I suppose you would not be offended.
    I would also like the American flag, because I find it purely visually beautiful. Regardless of nationality.
    The German flag, for example, I like purely visually not, although I'm a German.

    In German:
    Mir persönlich gefällt die Version aus Beitrag 19 und Beitrag 56 am besten.
    Einfach neutral ohne Fahrzeug oder Reifenspur.
    Vielleicht kann man das kombinieren.
    Also daß die Sterne und die Brückenplatte irgendwie dabei sind und auch der Lorbeerkranz (die Blätter). Die Brückenplatte hat normalerweise ja jedes Militärfahrzeug, also wäre auch jedem damit gedient. Unabhängig welches Fahrzeug das ist. Ob jetzt See- und Luftfahrzeuge eine Brückenplatte haben, weiß ich nicht. Aber ich nehme an, sie würden nicht beleidigt sein.
    Die amerikanische Flagge würde ich auch gut finden, weil ich sie rein optisch schön finde. Unabhängig von der Nationalität.
    Die deutsche Flagge zum Beispiel, gefällt mir rein optisch nicht, obwohl ich ein Deutscher bin.

    Greetings from Germany,

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