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Thread: Title Help Needed in SC.

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    I'm willing to bet that vehicle was bought thru GL or GP and the previous owner never did the SF-97(?) paperwork to get a title in his name....or he bought the truck without a title...or he stole the friggin thing. ALSO, you said "I paid the previous owner $325.00 to change the title/paperwork over to me". Does that mean the previous owner is a dealer....or did you know he didn't currently have a title right then and paid him to get one??

    At any rate after a year he either can't get a title for some reason or he just has no intention of doing so....and neither is acceptable.

    Since you said "He keeps giving me the run around" and it's been about a year, It's time for you to either get serious or just scrap the truck.

    I know you probably trusted the guy to come thru with the title and even paid him to produce one but the fact accepted the truck and moved it to another state that requires a title, WITHOUT ONE. As a few have stated above, that COULD cause you all kinds of heartaches!

    If the previous owner is a member of SS I recommend you tactfully name him right here in this thread and notify him that you've done so for two reasons. First, he will know that you are serious and plan to bring this issue to and end and SECOND, it will give him an opportunity to give his side of the story....YES, THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES.

    ALSO.....Send that certified letter informing him that you intend to begin legal proceedings and follow thru.

    I would advise having an attorney licensed to practice in NC. to DEMAND the feller produce a title within 90 days OR return your full purchase price along with any attorney fees, court/admin fees and any other costs related to your transaction.

    If the individual is an active member of SS, send him a PM and ask him to read this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recovry4x4 View Post
    Send the letter registered mail. You need a record of it's shipment, delivery.
    This also applies to ALL correspondence with any state DMV (DOT, SOS, etc.).
    Keep a copy of everything you submit, and obtain (and save) proof of delivery on anything mailed.

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    I wish he was a member on here, but he's not. I'm sending him a letter certified letter tomorrow & **** have to sign for it. I have all my paperwork/singed contract from where I bought it him, all the paperwork where I had it picked up & delivered and all of our conversations on Facebook message, email & texts. Hoping to have this resolved soon & without anymore drama. I have invested so much time, effort & funds into this truck & cant let her go, plus the fact that my dad loves it too. Again thanks to all of you for the help, will post updates soon!

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    As MUCH as you ALL love this truck, title or money back may be your ONLY way out of this mess.
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