FYI, I have gotten back into Mules after many years of not having one. The late Bill Watson & Leonard Grove were true gentlemen when it came to customer service on mule’s, good parts and fair prices. As Rexman stated with Bill a phone call and the parts were delivered with an invoice.

Present time, I have found;; John Emery, following Bill W’s example will send you the items with an invoice. John is most helpful and fair pricing, depending on how scarce what you are looking for.
262-567-5606 or email

Charles Witt of Tocca, GA, I have dealt with Charles back in the day and recent, he knows Mules! Charles is just as helpful and also has parts. His prices are fair.
706-491-6404 or email

As for engine parts or the Gen version of the mule engine, I suggest calling Mark or Jay at Saturn Surplus. 717-692-9500. They had some NOS gen engines still available a few months ago. They are closing shop next month (Dec) if I recall correctly. Doesn’t hurt to give them a call.

Hope this helps, they sure helped me!