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Thread: Locking hubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by fsearls92 View Post
    I personally would stay away from them. I have them on my truck and do not like the fact that they allow moisture into the gun and have cause rust in multiple occasions. I have replaced the gaskets multiple times with the same turn out every time. Last issue I had was they would not lock because of the moisture and rust. Had to disassemble the locking mechanism and clean it all out in the sand. I personally wish I had the factory flanges still (but I sold them).

    What kind of lock-out hubs do you have ? Ouverson's or ATM ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustystud View Post
    Actually "lockout" hubs will prevent wear on the front differential as the wheels are constantly turning the axle shafts thus the differential gears. Also it would help with steering as the axles turning creates a "drag" or "shimmy" on the steering at high speeds. Just ask anyone who has a 4X4 who left his hubs locked.
    Actually, lockout hubs on a sprag (overrunning clutch) truck won't help. All those parts that lockout hubs reduce wear on will still be turning. The sprag will engage and turn everything in the front differential. Unless you remove the front driveshaft or swap to an air shift case, it will all be turning. I own many trucks with lockouts and they stay locked in most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rustystud View Post
    What kind of lock-out hubs do you have ? Ouverson's or ATM ?
    I have the AVM’s in my truck. Maybe the oversons are better, but other than for looks I would stick with the factory setup.
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