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Thread: Mulemac1 & Fatalid: Two outstanding members I would like to say thanks to

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    Default Mulemac1 & Fatalid: Two outstanding members I would like to say thanks to

    Hey guys I have been looking for the components that would allow me to mount a turret on my HEMTT M977 and over some time I found the pieces I needed from two guys on our site. I got the Turret legs from Mulemac1 (William) I would say these are the hardest pieces in the assembly to find, William was very fair in his pricing and I have used Fastenal for almost all my shipping in the past and thats ending for me but in spite of all the hassle in arranging shipping William stuck with it and got the product out to me, its appreciated!!

    The second fellow is Fatalid (JR) I bought an M66 ring from JR and again I tried to do this through Fastenal and that turned into one of the biggest clusters I have ever NOT dealt with mainly because JR took care of all the real pain in the butt stuff. He in the end decided that UPS was the way to go and he was right, and the Ring arrived today!
    These are two members that most definitely went above and beyond the call the to get me the product I purchased from them, Great honest guys who I hope I get the opportunity to work with again!!

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    Applause & Salute to both of these find Members!

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