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There would be less concern if I lived in Florida. Temps here were in the 30's and while the engine was running 4 or 5 minutes it still idled at 30lbs pressure because the oil was still cold. I don't know how high the oil pressure went, but I now have a leak under the oli filters dripping from the injection pump and steering column. I didn't notice a leak before. It may be a consequence of the throttle yank. I think it's probably (I hope) a filter canister leaking.
The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, except I accidentally caused the engine to rev up after it ran out of fuel. Before I figured out the problem was no fuel I pulled the idle control all the way out trying to start it, then realized it was spitting air from filters so went to gas station and brought fuel back. However I never pushed the throttle back in, so the engine really reved up when it started causing a large black cloud and the oil filters started leaking.