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Thread: Sherpa winch vs PTO winch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floridianson View Post
    Yes inspection of the outside cable is a good thing but if you have a solid core it is hard to inspect the inside. They make a grease injector rig for injecting grease into a cable but it can be a pain if there is a lot of cable. They got us one for the tug boat but I don't think we ever used it.
    So you've been working on the tug's too ! Don't they use that synthetic rope now? I remember watching "How it's Made" and all the tugs seemed to be using that Purple synthetic rope.

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    The 230 foot fuel barge had a rope hawser and the Tug had steel cable. I was offshore towing late 1970's Louisiana. Its was funny first day on the job and I figured that when we let out maybe 400 feet of the cable it would pull tight and we would be towing. No the line has a big belly and almost seems like the tug pulls the belly and the belly pulls the barge. Ruff water you wanted a big belly in the cable. Good job, good food, great people.
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