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Thread: R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

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    So sorry I wasn’t able !! Miss ya Ron !

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    Our glasses were raised to Ron, and all the others who can no longer be with us.

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    Swiss and Mrs. Swiss (Tanya) did a phenomenal job with yesterday’s remembrance of Ron. Ron’s heart touched many as evidenced by those present yesterday as well as those offering up thoughts & Prayers on-line. Breaking of bread and spending time around the fire yesterday with the SS folks was real and meaningful.
    In his own way, Ron taught us all many lessons. His knowledge, attention to detail, and passions always made an impression on me. For Me, I will say his name daily less I forget. Here’s to my Brother Ron.

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    Hi every one, sorry for the late post. I wasn't able to login for some reason. But yeah finally.

    I want to Thank each and every one that was able to attend our celebration of life for Ron. I loved meeting so many people that I had only know by name. And if I missed meeting any one, my apologies.
    My family and I are forever blessed and greatful for your generosity and all your help.

    For those who were unable to attend, I thank you for raising a glass and the thoughts and prayers that day,

    Ron has so many wonderful friends.

    Swiss,Tanya and Dylan, you are an amazing family, thank you! You put so much time and work into the memorial and it was perfect.
    I know Ron loved it and is honored to be on that hill looking over things. He loved you guys as do I. I am glad he is there.

    Thank you Jeff and son for all your help.

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    This picture is awesome and was taken prior to the trail ride to the Memorial Service. Briggs knew going up from Leesburg that we were paying Respects to a lost friend and was still cheerful. We made it home Safely and I asked Briggs why he seemed so happy and carefree in the picture. He told me that "Mr. Ron talked to me many times at Rally's and Veterans Day Parades and never wanted to see me sad." I honestly didn't know they talked that much but was made aware both at the Memorial Service and through Briggs words that Ron loved kids. When I first got home I was a little tired from the trip but that conversation lit up my day.
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    Ran across this picture today. Ron was pretty ingenious when it came to hauling stuff down from GA for me. And always pulling that raggedy yellow pickup for his ride back home.
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