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Thread: Indianapolis HMMWV Project

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    Default Indianapolis HMMWV Project

    Short intro as to get started

    My name is Justin, based in Indianapolis, formally only into jeeps (CJ-8 Scrambler, YJ Rock Crawler along with several others over the years). Engineer by discipline (Electrical), but Mechanical at heart. I've been looking forward to expanding horizons into the HMMWV world for the past several years, and just recently pulled the trigger.

    Days old Indianapolis based M1038 HMMWV owner, I finally got one!

    Looks to be a '91 M1038 with some interesting features. 6.5l NA 3L80 like the majority. Not a leak to be found (yet), we'll see what happens once I get it running regularly.

    Attachment 754469Attachment 754470Attachment 754471Attachment 754472

    Acquired through the standard ironplanet channel, the unit won't start under its own power but was started on ether and a slave vehicle in the lot where the lot pictures were taken. Somewhat worried about the ether reference in the ad after reading on this site about how there is nothing good about either and these motors. Upon trying to start it at the Ritchie Brothers pick up lot on Newnan, GA last weekend, I found that the wait light would come on for about 3 seconds then cycle off. It would turn over just fine (hooked up to a slave) but never think about running on its own even after several attempts, more troubleshooting to do there.


    I'll go through the glows to check resistance and ensure good batteries are in it, then look at the controller if needs be (hoping not!). Where is the ESS Controller located anyways?

    Due to the issues getting it started, the lot guy fired up a front-end loader outfit with forks and dropped the HMMWV on the trailer for me.

    The top, doors and seats all need to be gone through and replaced, certainly not looking forward to those expenses. And at this point, I have not yet chosen a direction of keeping it true to the MV intent or sneaking in a few creature comforts where possible. I, like every one else, would like to make some doors on my own, we'll see what comes in future posts.

    Back to what I found as interesting, it's the winch that is installed in it. Its a 12k Lb electric Ramsey winch, that came with two controllers tucked away under the passenger side seat. I don't dig how far out it sits in front of the hood, but hey, it'll run regardless of the engine running which can have its benefits. I also see almost no mention of this type winch anywhere on the forum. I think I would like to eventually fit a brush guard on the front end so the winch will have to be worked around at that time.
    Attachment 754474IMG_3207.jpgIMG_3204.jpg

    It would be interesting to know where the HMMWV spent its life, not sure if there are ways to tell through the markings or not. All I can see is the white triangle pictured here:

    Looking forward to getting to know the community, clearly a ton of knowledge here, kudos to the contributors!

    If you happen to be in Indy and want to get together and jam about HMMWV's don't be shy, I'm game any time!
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    you might be able to run this A2(?) brush guard on that winch bumper

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    Welcome and congratulations! Looks like a good start. Most likely culprit for no start, if it's been sitting a while, is bad fuel and old fuel filter. Drain and refill tank and put a new filter in and see if that helps

    If you have no leaks on a Hmmwv, the first suspicion is that it's out of fluids, kinda like an old Harley!

    Do the lube order and open and inspect your hubs while your tending to her, and have fun .


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    I suggest you get mentally prepared to fork out a few dollars on this truck, or all of these trucks for that matter.
    you no start could be as simple as bad GP’s to a bad engine....but more commonly is a bad EESS, GP’s or a bad injector pump. Either way, it will take time...and time is money.
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    Welcome from the north. Hope you have a warm shop...wees gonna get cold.

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    If you wanna keep enjoying HMMWV's DON'T USE ETHER!!! Bad for the engines. Like real bad.

    Change out yer fuel and enjoy. Perhaps buy a set of new glow plugs while yer at it.

    [EDIT - You asked about where is the PCB... PCB is under dash to left of steering column, directly under and more or less behind the ignition switch.]


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    Welcome. The top, soft doors and the seats probably aren't that bad of an expense. Hard doors is another story. Focus on getting it running. Congrats!
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    Welcome aboard! I'm in Indy and I have jackton of specialty tools and some worthwhile spare parts in storage. Every tool needed to tear down the engine, hubs, TC, and transmission. I'm lacking several of the tools needed to calibrate timing, but that can be done with some standard shop tools if you have them. I'd be happy to come join you some evening or weekend and we can go over your HMMWV together. Though, I _won't_ be driving mine to meet you, unless you happen to be on the east side, as I've got some transmission issues to sort out before this thing goes joy riding again.

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    Alright, getting back around to it... spent some time over the past couple weeks attempting to restore the original batteries, and then by extension digging into the EESS and glow plugs... The details:

    Original plan was to find a way to restore the batts in an attempt to get the thing started without outlaying a sum.

    Original Batt Label.jpg

    My process:
    - Drain battery, neutralize what came out with baking soda and water until slightly basic and dispose of responsibly
    - Sounds nastier than it really is, just prepare your work area, have a flushing water source near-by, chemical resistance gloves, safety glasses, old clothes and baking soda for neutralization as needed
    - Flush with distilled water and baking soda to clean the battery as well as possible
    - have a catch can for this... plastic. And a plan for how to dispose of the fluid in an environmentally responsible way (will not be providing advice on this subject... seek your own path)
    - Re-introduce new sulfuric acid
    - Acid can be purchased many places, and as it turns out, ACE Hardware in 6qt containers
    - Fill as directed on the labeling on the battery
    - Charge
    - I suggest measuring the battery voltage just after you refill with new acid, mine was 11.37V, and well within range to be slow charged at 2A up into the 12.5 range before introducing the NOCO Genius G7200 charger on the standard 12v setting

    The battery came back and held a charge, although I am not sure I can 100% trust it. I saw this because when I went to have it load tested at the local parts store, their tester wouldn't fire up with a repeated bad connection error. for this reason I purchased new flooded lead acid 24 series Exides from home depot for 100 each and will get the ball rolling with these while I either learn to trust the original batts or turn them in for cores and walk away. I report back with my findings over time. I am not working on the other original battery for now, and may start in on it with time and if there is merit.

    Located the EESS, thanks TOBASH. I have a Yellow Label Nartron box for reference

    Glow Plugs:
    with the new 24 series Exides i went back to town on attempting to start. Recall that I have about a 3 second wait light, and upon a handful of attempted starts, definitely get white smoke of diesel smelling bliss which tells me I'm getting fuel... a good thing. Measuring the glow plugs while they are sitting in the truck... i started second guessing myself. so I started in on pulling them to measure outside the truck. Every one that I have encountered (all driver side and the aft most passenger) are measure very high resistance in the Mega Ohms range... one clearly "blew out" at some point and was visibly damaged, the others are all swollen... some to the point of requiring a removal tool or otherwise.

    So I got on the mill and made a glow plug puller after seeing what people are charging for them, its crude, but works. If anyone would like to know more about the tool and how it was made, I am happy to share, I have ideas as to how to refine.. this was quick and dirty as you will see from the tooling marks.

    GP tool.JPG GP tool 3.JPG GP tool 2.JPG GP Tool 1.JPG

    On the Glow plug stem, you can see some build-up... this is actually welded steel particulate that blew off the stem during an over heat cycle, i have a handful like this coming out of the engine.

    For reference the markings on these plugs are:


    And on the 10mm hex portion the number: 422
    GP Condition.jpg

    I sourced some new glow plugs from SECO in a 8 count set, once they arrive, I'll feedback further on my testing to get this thing started.
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