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Thread: Error Message on EUC HELP topic

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    Default Error Message on EUC HELP topic

    try to access there and got this:

    PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): (23000/1062): Duplicate entry '26277569' for key 'readid' in ..../includes/class_core.php on line 1386 Database error
    The Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite database has encountered a problem.

    Please try the following:
    • Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser.
    • Open the home page, then try to open another page.
    • Click the Back button to try another link.
    The forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.
    We apologise for any inconvenience.
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    Should be sorted now. Testing replies as well now.
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    And a few M105 and M101 and other trailers

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