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Thread: Mep-802a Won't shut down

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    No I dont think so. But go ahead and try it. The last several times I worked this problem it was:
    1. Loose relay in the control panel.
    2. Bad L5.
    3. Bad wire connection on L5.
    4. Linkage bent/loose at the L5 or at the fuel stop adjust.
    5. Improper adjustment, L5 linkage to fuel stop.
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    Thanks, next time I go to the farm I'll double check those. I appreciate the information. Thanks....

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    If you physically close the fuel shut off lever by hand and she keeps running you probably have an issue with either the governor, the fuel rack or a metering pump.
    I had an LPW2 with the same issue recently. It turned out to be a problem with the lever arm that the fuel solenoid attaches to. Inside the motor on the other end of that shaft there is a D-flat notch and a nut that holds the inner arm on the shaft. Whoever assembled the arm assembly didn't align the D-flat on the end of the shaft with the D-shaped hole in the arm. This caused the arm to only be held on by the friction of the nut itself, eventually allowing the arm to move and rotate slightly on the shaft, making it so that moving the lever to the off position was not pulling the rack back far enough to turn the metering pumps completely off.
    Unfortunately if this happens to be your issue, it means pulling the fan, crank pulley and timing cover just to gain access. With the engine in the machine it will probably be a bit awkward to see inside to work unless you remove the whole radiator end of the machine.
    Hopefully you have a simple problem to solve! Good luck.

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