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Thread: Another Shout Out For Floridianson!

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    Default Another Shout Out For Floridianson!

    James came to Gainesville today to help me pull the hydraulic head on the Deuce I got from GP last September (2017). Thanks to his knowledge, it was a breeze to get it all apart & discover the reason that it would not run was the spring under the head was broken in two pieces & the keeper was broken. James does not mind going way out of his way to help people with their trucks & equipment @ all. Yesterday, he spent the entire day helping a new member setup a M-1079 to flat tow it back to Maryland. Thanks again James for everything.
    1985/87 M35A2C Wo/w Deuce x 2
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    2009 M1102 Trailer (camo)
    2009 M1102 Trailer (camo w/ hoops & cover)
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    1987 M103A3 Kasel Genset Trailer
    1990 A/M32K-4A Air Launched Missle Trailer
    2005 M353 Trailer x 8
    1985 MEP-003A Genset
    1986 MEP-002A Genset (2)
    1974 MEP-016A Genset
    1968 MEP-025A Genset
    1984 MEP-701A Genset
    1996 Stewart & Stevenson M1081/M1082 Trailer
    1990 Marine 18 K A/C Unit (X4)
    MGPTS x 4 complete, tan & green!

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    Always takes me longer to find your house back in the boonies than it does to work on you stuff. GPS sends me down goat trails. Leaving bread crumbs does not work and my memory well that's another story. From the looks of the bamboo growing around your place I will have to bring a machine to cut my way in soon. Thanks for the thanks.
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