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Thread: Under "new" vehicle build rules fr classic vehicles-pity we can't figure out a way!

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    Default Under "new" vehicle build rules fr classic vehicles-pity we can't figure out a way!

    April 16th, 2019

    Gentlemen and Ladies:

    Under the new vehicle build rules for classic vehicles, isn't it a pity we haven't figured out a way to bring in new KIA M450 derivatives of the old Jeep M715 PU. Compared to the sad "Gladiator" Jeep is currently foisting off on people as a pickup truck, the old Jeep was a virtual tank and much easier to maintain.

    This one even seems to have AC, unheard of in the old M715's plus it has a diesel engine!

    Just something to mull over. If a new Cobra can be built without using 25 year old parts, then a new M715/M450 should also qualify, you think???

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    Wouldn't it have to meet all the current EPA regulations? Its a shame, I like the turbo diesel Toyota HiLux but No Joy on those either. An M715 with a turbo diesel engine! Wonder if a GEP 6.5l Turbo would fit under the hood?

    Its amazing that truck had the same 1 1/4ton rating as the A0 HMMWV.
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    State by state is different on "Kit" cars. Some see them as what the look like, i.e. '66 A/C Cobra and others see them as new production requiring EPA and DOT certification. In mu state (Utah) I bet they would license the KIA as they have no issues with kits or MVs. HMMWVs are street legal here.
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