Truck is a M925 (basic 5-ton cargo truck with winch) located in zip 78361 with delivery to 78223. Roughly 155 miles one-way.

Truck reported to run fine then developed a knock, hence it being auctioned off. No idea what caused knock so truck may start via slave or jump but not confirmed. So might be able to start and drive on a trailer but not confirmed. Will probably need to be winched on a flatbed. Do not recommend towing due to PO removing one wheel/tire off each dual set in rear (ie- only one 11.00r20 on each axle) and unknown condition of tires overall but they do hold air to drive on trailer.

Loadout point has another working 5-ton that can push, maybe pull (if straps/chains provided) non-working 5-ton onto a trailer, but this need to be coordinated prior to pickup and only during business hours.

Dropoff point also has working 5-ton to pull off trailer if needed. Drop off point is flexible on hours.