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Thread: HD 765 U 120 or 208 Volt Space Heater

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    That heater will make an excellent load bank for your generator.

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    Well lets see if we can dial back a bit of your concern on the #14 awg wire, it looks bigger [wire size] in the picture, but for easing your concerns follow the math trail here next. 4,500 watts is your heater output at 100% resistive load, take that number and divide by the sq root of 3 [phase] voltage at 208vac and you get 360 divided into 4,500 and you get 12.5 amps. As best I can read from blowing up your picture we see several things, your wire conductors are contained within a sheath and not the more typical rubber cord. This is good, but it gets a bit better, the wire as best I can read is type THHN and that makes it rated at 25 amps per conductor {where typically #14 wire is most often rated at 15 amps, sans the type THHN rating}
    So at the end of this trail you are using 50% of the capability of this conductor, or said differently, you have a 50% head room or unused capacity of the individual conductor. So all this to try and alleviate your concerns, but the acid test can be when you power it up after a 30 minute period or more of continuous operation feel the sheath and or individual conductors, warm is fine, hot is cause for concern, but my bet is your concerns will be placated and you will be satisfied ...
    Someone made mention of this unit also serving as a loadbank, it will do that well and could even likely be broken into smaller segments by tracing out the control logic, but that is best left for another effort.
    You have a nice find and an item that will serve you very well..
    Thanx for sharing and have fun with it all..

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