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Thread: Is it allowable to recommend that we form a(n) FMV government lobby(ies)

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    Default Is it allowable to recommend that we form a(n) FMV government lobby(ies)

    If I am out of line, please delete this thread.....

    After reading the following link (and countless others), I got to thinking:

    We keep crying to the same old song without trying to create change.

    Now I recognize the site owner does not want to shake the tree on certain issues, but if it is OK with him and the Moderators, why not use the size of our FMV community to generate some political weight that will help our community. Let's make the politicians see us as a community with size and determination. They should respect us and not patronize and ignore us. We number in the tens of thousands. Many of the members are USA Vets.

    Why not create a thread or a forum that will accept donations and hire and create lobbyists? I work with politically active attorneys. I see no reason why they would not help.

    Delete this thread if I am out of line, but given the size of the community, is it an OK idea for me to start a New York lobbyist thread on Steel Soldiers, and then expand that thread to other localities?


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    I have to agree with your logic that if we want to see change we have to BE the force behind that change, and motion comes from action. I am willing to contribute somehow, in terms of time I mean. I live near DC, and work in the advocacy sector already.

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    We've actually had this sort of thing happen here before. (Georgia, specifically for the 5 ton M939 series) I see no problem at all with organizing for this sort of thing.
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