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Thread: Gov Planet Sales Tax issue

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    Default Gov Planet Sales Tax issue

    I had another interesting encounter with GP this week. This is a bit long winded and hopefully they will put something in place to prevent this from happening to anyone else but for now I just wanted to mention it to others.

    I hade 9 items I purchased between NV and PA locations on Monday. I called customer service to get the sales tax removed as we are exempt for resale. I was told they are back logged and just go ahead and short pay the sales tax amount and when they get to my items the tax will be removed and all will be good.. Well reluctantly I did as instructed because I had other items being picked up in NV on Wed that I wanted to add to that Pickup. I short paid the sales tax and they applied my payment right down the line leaving a $310 balance on the last item on the list. This item was in PA and there was no sales tax on that item to begin with because PA tax exemption is automatically applied.. Long story short, I have spent well over an hour on the phone and multiple emails trying to get this resolved. They would not credit the refunded sales tax to item with the balance. They told me because of their audits it had to be refunded to me and I had to repay the $310... At even more expense to me in Credit card fees.. I raised **** with them, Their mistake is costing me money. To their credit they offered me a $50 credit towards future purchases, I made them email me something in writing and I paid the $310 with credit card. Time will tell if I actually get to take the $50 credit.

    Be careful if you have multiple items and they tell you to short pay it. Just wait until your tax is removed to make your payment.. Had they applied the payment properly and left the sales tax balances on the items with sales tax this would not have been an issue. Probably a learning experience for all but I get frustrated easily after all the years with GL. At least GP seems to acknowledge their short comings, With GL it was always my fault.

    Happy bidding.

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