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Thread: Cab interior coating removel.

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    Default Cab interior coating removel.

    So like many people have already done I started the removal process of the interior coating. Started trying to grind it out and after 45 seconds stopped. A dust storm ensued with very little progress. Also reminds me to not grind with my tongue out... Next was using a heat gun and gasket scrapper. Quiet, no dust but hot and slow. I noticed when I hit the gasket remover with a mallet it would brake off decent size chunks and wondered if an air hammer would help the process along.
    Stopped by the tool place grabbed an air hammer that could adjust incoming air pressure and a longer shafted chisel that could be used parallel to the surface. I dialed down the pressure, made sure the tip was flat tot he surface and began removing the undercoating with large chunks without damage to the cab. Took about 15 minutes to remove 95% of the coating on the drivers side. another 15 min to remove passenger side. Kind of got a head of myself as I have yet to remove the hardware necessary to remove the covering that protects the doghouse.
    If that hadn't worked My next step was to try Dry Ice and chisel. I have done that on gooier undercoating on racecars.


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