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Thread: First Deuce owner

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROARKY View Post
    Thanks for the valuable information! I noticed something on my truck. I have a copper line that runs from under the passenger side of the truck by the air filter. It has a plug in the end of it but looks like it may have went somewhere else at one time. I also noticed that the top of the fuel tank and some of the fuel lines by the throttle appear to have diesel fuel on them. Not soaked but just wet looking. I will try and post some more pics soon.

    Maybe post #9 helps with the mysterious copper line.

    Your engine bay needs a good washing. Then run the truck and check for leaks. It is hard to tell when there are years of gunk in there. I would plan on replacing the fuel return lines (between the injectors and the long line back to the IP) with DOT air line and make sure the ends all have brass inserts in them. If you plan to do a spin-on fuel filter upgrade, then that is the time to replace the old fuel lines as well, rather than messing with them and trying to get them to seal again. Just my 5cents.
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    The copper tube appears to run toward the air tanks in the rear. You are right on cleaning everything. I also have considered putting new wire into several places because the sheath is cracked and coming apart. In another thread, I wrote about how my horn went off on me after replacing the light switch. That was an adventure! I am getting a tube replaced tomorrow and it should be good to go mechanically. It has a little rust but nothing me and my plasma cutter and mig can't tackle over time.

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