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Thread: status of mil and com yard in sw-MA close to eastern-NY, sw-VT, NW-CT, western MA

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    Default status of mil and com yard in sw-MA close to eastern-NY, sw-VT, NW-CT, western MA

    Goes by Milparts but officially called Berkshire Mountain army trucks. Website is something like .. Yard closed, said they scrapped a lot after poor sales due to economy the last 12 years, but what remains has been relocated to a farm

    Sometimes takes a week to respond to email, sometimes immediately. This is no longer his main business. Has no regular hours but it very sociable and priced fair, the bigger items are usually cheaper than at the big yards.

    He appears to be an old cold war vet/mechanic says he's retiring in a few years . Has been slowly selling off inventory the last 10 years, is not restocking, so is usually sold out of the common items.

    Has a mix of 50's-70's 5-ton stuff (gas, multifuel, cummins) and some commercial heavy trucks & equipment parts, most of it antique 1950's, some of it is on the road or on the job and used on occasion.

    He says he has no deuce parts left unless common with 5-ton, except maybe a few Reo gas engine odds-n-ends. I noticed he had or has a rare former south-bend USAF M35 gas with military 12V BO lighting system and TMs for such system looking for a new home, he ran out of time to restore it. And has a separate M49 fuel tank body for sale

    Some old-school 5-tons remain, some complete fully operational, and others that could be with some work. He made a point to say he has nothing for anything newer than 1978 except for jeep CJ. Sold out of M151 and M37 stuff and out of military tires, but does have a little bit of M880-890/pw/ramcharger and a little bit of M38A1 and CJ stuff left.

    He will truck-freight or deliver when he has time but prefers pickup. Has lowboys, crane, forklift etc. Nice guy but sometimes hard to connect with if you are in a big hurry
    M38A1, "XM38A5", M100, "M100" spen w/hoops, M416, M880, M890, M49C, M49A2C, M108, M109A3, 2-M35A2's (sold), M51, 2-M51A2's, M52, IHC M62 w/A2 "upgrade," M813, M817, XM818, 2-M818's, M750 expandable, M116A2 w/1-mep003, 2-mep003 stationaries, ex-army IHC L-172 + multitudes of non-mil heavy trucks & equip. Looking to trade FLD120 w/new DD60 475hp & 10sp fuller for M915A3. Bad knee, want automatic tranny version. MTOC-Engr FLW, MO 1970's and others incl armor to jan91. VSG 2000's

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