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Thread: New user on this site, old buzzard on planet earth

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    Default New user on this site, old buzzard on planet earth

    I'm glad I stumbled onto this site. I'm hoping that I can find some info on the magnum mmg25 generator. I'm older than dirt and I seem to be interested in everything from electronics, mechanical, animal, and everything peaks my interest now.

    I wish, I had gotten interested in all things before I was near the end of my life cycle. Anyway, I know I'll need much guidance from those far more knowledgeable than I. My eyes, ears and brain aren't as shape as they use to be, but I am a good listener and willing to assist anyone that can benefit from my hard gained knowledge. I gained my knowledge from, as my old granddad use to say, "the school of hard knocks."

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    Welcome to Steel Soldiers!!

    Need more info on the gen set. Part number, NSN and size. Take a good picture of the data plate, and a few of the outside/inside. It helps.

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