Hello all,

I have a gentleman over on the g503 jeep site that wants a set of jeep top bows and a top-- they are located in Norfolk NE and he is in Clayton, OK...... I told him I would put the word out here to see if anyone happens to be going that way.

I will be traveling from Omaha NE to St. Joseph MO on October 25th along I-29 and then over to Hannibal MO via hwy 36 and ultimately to St. Charles (St. Louis). I will be there a few days and will be coming back along the same route either on the 28th or 29th. I know some of you guys occasionally run between MO and OK and figured I would see if anyone happens to be going by on any of those days that I could do a hand off with. The gentleman from OK said he is willing to drive up to Mcallister OK or Henrietta OK (off I-40) to meet up if it would help anyone.

The next time I plan to run the same route would be down to MO on 11/30 and back on 12/13 if that would possibly work as well.