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Thread: Katrina Deuce Story - MUST READ

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    Default Johnny in 'his' M1009

    I thought this photo of Johnny in his M1009 was appropriate.
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    Default RE: Must Read! Hurricane Katrina

    Great job Sarge

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    Default RE: Must Read! Hurricane Katrina

    I am so sorry I don't know what I would do if any of our children passed on. It is not an easy thing to take any way it happens. I know that many of us have already said a prayer for you and your family and we will continue to lift you up to the LORD Jesus Christ. My youngest son was also born in 1988 and my youngest daugher in 1991 so your situation hit me very close to home. We will always be grateful for your heart towards helping people and trust that you will see your Son again in heaven.

    God bless,
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    What John has not shared with you is that within a couple of weeks of returning from his Katrina mission, he was off again, this time to far East Texas ravaged by both Katrina and Rita. He delivered a significant quantity of fuel to another MV owner who needed it to run a generator because of serious health issues. John didn't even know this man other than as a poster on the MV List. Again, it was at John's own expense, his only payment from the recipient of this generosity being a good supper and the promise of rewards in the next life. He did not request or expect either, but I believe he earned both.

    John, any man would be truly honoured to be called friend by you. I am.

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    John, I hope I didn't compound your pain by bringing this thread to the top. You are a man of rare stature. I well up every time I read the Katrina story and welled up again reading the story about Johnny. One can never know the pain of losing a child them being 4, 14 or 40. It's hard to understand how someone who gives so much, can lose so much but I know that it is within the ultimate plan or our Lord. I'm not privy to understand His plan but am assured He knows what is best. You, Johnny and your family will certainly be in my prayers and I know that He will provide some comfort in your time of grief and loss. Thank you for accepting us as your friends and extended family!
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    You are an amazing person. I pass on my heartfelt condolences to you. I agree with Kenny, we may not be privy to the master plan, but there is
    a reason for everything. Thank you for your service to our country, both military and retired, especially in the time of need. Again, you are an amazing person.


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    Default RE: Must Read! Hurricane Katrina

    Sarge, I know what you are going through. My son died in a senseless one car wreck in the jeep I bought him at age 25, back in 2001. Lots of regrets because I always believed my job as an agent was so important. I could have spent more time with him. Anyway, trust me, the pain will lessen and you will feel like you are betraying him somehow, but it just happens. What will never change are the memories and those stabs of pain on days that used to be special occassions. Hang in there. You are a helluva man for what you have accomplished and I'm sure people here will more than lend a hand to help you through this. Deepest regards.

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    Default RE: Must Read! Hurricane Katrina


    Words are inadequate and not up to the task, however, I want you to know that my wife and I are praying for you and that you and your family are in our thoughts.


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    Default RE: Must Read! Hurricane Katrina

    thanks sarge for being a human being, one that came when no one did, and stayed till he couldnt no longer. i stayed home for the hurricane... i live just east of slidell and north of new orleans. i lived for 15 days with no electric. the first 3 days i just dug out. took the tractor down the road and cleaned all the trees off so we could drive to town. the gas lines got rough to say the least. i seen people live at the shut down BP. sleeping on the outside tables. i let 19 relitives and in laws and there in laws stay at my house. it was the worst time of my life. i taveled to new orleans as the company i work for had propertys down in the city. i was armed and seen many thinks one a 200 HP mariner on a 22 ft boat on canale street 4 blocks from burban( i have pics too) a **** hole those people acted like animals. im sorry to say they live in louisiana. i lost some work and i feed all these people and paid for the 55 gal drums of gas i had brought in. along with gas cans from texas. many friends help but some didnt. i asked my sister who lived in kentucky at the time to come and get mom. she was 84 years old and cant take the heat. she didnt so i set up a small ac unit in the window and she finnaly got back to her senses. it has been a uphill battle here to deal with all the influx of people and the long lines and everyone closing because they dont have anyone to work. its been **** to say it mildly. i comemd you for going to your freind in his time of need as he did in return to you. i dont have many friends in my life but the few are valued till death. and i would go the distance for them . we all have to live with what we did and what we do and for me ill help them again. not for the staisfaction or glory..... its just being human... i seen the mess in new orleans and slidell, and i dont want to see it again for a long long long long time Tim in louisiana

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    Dear Sarge and Family,

    May the peace of our Lord be with you and your family during this incomprehensibly difficult time.

    When Kenny brought this topic to the front, I read it this year for the first time. Reading the article took me back to a very difficult time in my life, not because I lived in the destruction zone, but because on August 29, 2005 I watched Katrina slam into the Gulf Coast from a Cape Corral, FL hospital where my father lied dying. In fact as I flew down to see him we landed in Ft. Meyers on the tail end of Katrina.

    My father served in the U.S. Navy from 1943 (joined at 18 years of age) to the duration (I think he was discharged in 1945 but it may have been 1946) on a destroyer escort. Prior to this, he had worked in the Philadelphia ship yard. His first ship after boot camp was a newly commissioned one leaving NY across the North Atlantic where it also encountered a Hurricane and 90 ft. seas. The ship ended up with a cracked hull and went into dry-dock in Liverpool, England. That was the last of the Atlantic for him, and the rest of his service was in the South Pacific. The rest of his life was typical of the era and hence I am a product of the baby boom.

    The man had been fighting heart disease successfully for 30 years. Up until March of 2005 he walked five miles a day, but began complaining of shortness of breath. His walks began to get shorter and shorter. After several months of complaining to his Drs., they attributed his shortness of breath to blockage of at least one of his coronary arteries. He turned 80 on August 8, 2005, and the next week he had a stint put into one of his coronary arteries. When recovering from the procedure, he was expected to begin to feel better, and his symptoms (shortness of breath) were expected to subside. But they got worse. When he got home, he needed to go on O2, and within a week it was not enough. His blood pO2 had become critical and I immediately flew to FL.

    So for me, the 29th of August is memorable not because of Katrina, but because the doctors came into the room and explained to my father that he had a lung tumor (found it when they did a CT Scan to inspect the stint), his lung had collapsed as a result of the needle biopsy they had performed to diagnose the tumor, did not get enough tissue to diagnose the tumor, could not operate because of the Plavix they had him on due to the stint and that there was nothing they could do to arrest his deteriorating lung function. Dad then proceeded to put in place a DNR order as his pO2 was dropping rapidly. Dad died on August 31,2005 at 0945 at the age of 80.

    His life was full and lived it fully up until his last month or so. Mom has moved north and lives in my town presently. We have just begun to be able to fully celebrate his life as the pain is still sharp, but we have begun. It is my hope and prayer, Sarge, that you too will be able to celebrate Johnny's life. Thank you so much for sharing with us his picture and his story with us. I know that my, as well as all of ours, thoughts and prayers are with you.


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