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Thread: Temperature guage problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchalmers3 View Post



    My deuce really is cold blooded. I can block the radiator completely, drive it around (unloaded) on surface streets in 60* weather, and it won't broach 170* operating temperature. I think it's time to check for the existence of a missing or stuck open thermostat. Onward and upwards.


    Your deuce is running normal. They all operate that cold. That is why there is a radiator cover. The deuce's cooling is very efficient. To get the temperature up to 180 or higher you need 80 degree weather at least and running it good and hard. That is what I've found on mine. Now that I have two cab heaters I cannot get the engine up to 180 unless I have the radiator totally blocked unless it is in the 90's. Thermostat works great. Tested it just two months ago.

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    My trucks have always run with Full Covers on. And hover just at the 180 mark.
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    LOL- "I touched everything." Yep, that'll do it. I hear your frustration. Eventually, you touch too many things, so you've introduced too many variables and you don't know what fixed the problems.

    The resistance values are great info to have in the forum.

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